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I am bored. I don't know why, but everybody else in the UK appear to have something to do on a Friday night and I haven't. So, I am going to update this piece of crap. My name is Laura (but you knew that already), I am 18 (and hating that very fact), emotionally unstable (I'm not allowed to say depressed because that is a 'clincal word'), very fat (I try to diet but am too gluttonous) and spend most of my hours moping around either on here or MNff (the bane of my life.) Sorry if this offends anyone. Actually, I'm not sorry - you'll find I make very few apologies on my journal. It's the only place where I can be a selfish bitch because the whole concept of having a journal is to rant about yourself. I have two friendship groups, so don't worry... I do bitch about you all behind your backs. Whoever it was who introduced me to the novel idea of friendship groups - thankyouverymuch.
Back onto mundane matters - I like Snape. Me and him are like two peas in an anti-social pod. I want to go hide away with him in his dungeon, only he despises company as much as I do so we'd probably drive each other mad. So I'm content just to write about illicit, unsavoury affairs between him and Hermione. Yes, my OTP is Hermione/Snape if you didn't know that already. They have the most brilliant chemistry together; I don't care whether you think its sick or they're incompatible. Bite me.
Gosh, I'm in a bad mood today. Not always this bitter. A combination of boredom and LJness.
What I want more than anything else is a boyfriend - preferable slightly older, losts of charisma and just a slight touch of chauvanism. I don't care what they look like. If you know anyone, let me know. They have to be British, preferably my neck of the woods.
My neck of the woods is Yorkshire Nottinghamshire. It sucks. Can't wait to move to Uni, which will either be in Durham, York or Warwick. Not sure which yet.
I love animals because they can't bitch back at you. Sarah, my doggie, is fat and deaf... I sorted her into Hufflepuff a couple of days ago. She's a sweetheart and I love our walkies. Cocoa, my cat, is a big ball of fluff but a true companion. He has the most heart-piercing wail and stinks like shit.
My main hobby is horse riding, which I took up again after being haunted by several dreams of riding on a horse and wanting to go faster... My favourite horse is called Bruno. He's teh bomb!
My car is Musher... I love him dearly too. Musher and I take on the world. So, watch out all you British citizens.
My favourite time of the day is when I'm dreaming. I have the most vivid dreams ever... and often use them as a muse to fan fictions. They tell me a lot about who I really am.
So... that is me... psychologically fucked up me... Don't read my journal unless you want to be offended.